Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkins with the punkins

Growing up, pumpkin carving was a big deal. It took hours upon agonizing hours.
This was caused by a simple thing.
Sibling Rivalry.
Everyone wanted theirs to be the most creative, coolest-looking, out-of-this-world jack-o-lantern anyone had ever seen. So the night started with a bunch of people just sitting around not even touching their pumpkins, just brainstorming.
Seriously agonizing.

Anyway, I was pleased when this pumpkin carving session took a mere 45 minutes. Rafe pointed (very vaguely) where he wanted eyes and Adam went from there.

Lydia drew a face on her pumpkin and I tried to be as true to it as I could.

Hey, who knew family traditions were fun...
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Rachel Reece said...

Bonnie--I am so not kidding when I say you could pull off the bald thing for the rest of your life. You're like Natalie Portman or Karen Gillan. Anyway. You really do look stupendous.

Katie said...

Amen to what Rachel said. Also, my grandpa used to say almost the exact same thing! "The difference between a good haircut and a bad one is a week." And I may have shed some tears the first time a cut Max's little curls. Your kids are adorable.

Hilary said...

I discovered the same thing about pumpkin carving this year. My family growing up would take hours carving, trying to get the best one. Yesterday it took 15 minutes.
Your kids are so cute! And you are too. Miss you.

Mom Walton said...

Glad you had fun. Cute pumpkins and even cuter kids.

Teresa Stubbs said...

Your kids are ridiculously gorgeous. Seriously. And you are so beautiful. So I kind of hate you.

Bonnie said...

Thank you for the nice comments, everyone (Except Teresa, clearly - I hate you too :) ).

I'm seriously considering keeping short hair forever - showering is SO EASY! Everyone should try shaving their head sometime, if just to find out if you have a great head, like me.

Also, Hilary, glad to know we weren't the only ones trying to outdo each other in pumpkin carving. I have to say that we did come up with some great ideas - they just took forever.