Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Taking loungewear to a whole new level

Guys. I discovered yoga pants this summer. I had seriously never worn them before. Amazing. My fantastic sister gifted me with a pair, as well as an even more amazing pair of yoga capris. I know, I'm getting fancy here. And then, I found this little gem at Plato's Closet.
In case you're wondering what you're looking at. Those, my friends, are an authentic pair of corduroy, paisley, pajama pants. I win at life. They were on sale for $1!

So now I spend virtually all my time wearing pajamas or yoga wear, supplemented occasionally by my fluffy pink bathrobe (c/o Adam's parents). This is the life. Feel free to tell me how jealous you are of my paisley corduroy pajamas in the comments.


brittney perry said...

Ha - just when I thought the universe would explode if that combination ever existed...

Jamie said...

I like the turquoise tie too. If only you had a matching jacket.