Friday, September 6, 2013

National Donut Day

One of our good friends mentioned casually one day back in June that it was National Donut Day. She even supplied some donuts for us. They were delicious. But not quite enough. It was National Donut Day after all.

So we bought more.

And ate them all.
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Jamie said...

Yum! So where'd you get the donuts? Local shop, chain, grocery store? When I was back in Provo I found out that Day's regularly carries the bacon-topped maple bars now. Abby and Mike and I went on a few donut runs ourselves.

Katie said...

I think it was your civic duty. Someone's gotta support the donut makers, otherwise, where would we get donuts?

Anne Burnett said...

I LOVE National Donut Day and am ashamed to say that we completely missed it this summer. :(

Anne Burnett said...
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Mom Walton said...

Cute kids and a fun tradition

Bonnie said...

Oh, Jamie, you're making me homesick for Provo! I love maple bars but have to admit that I've never tried any sweet thing with bacon...I think our donuts were Krispy Kremes that our local grocery store carries. But there are a couple donut places in town that we should probably check out, including one "Square Donuts." Is that like a thing?

Let's all remind each other of National Donut Day next year.