Monday, September 3, 2012

Baby Rafe

Baby Rafe sits up now! I think, based on today, I can say that. He sat and played with a toy for a couple minutes without any intervention until Lydia made a noise, he stretched to see what was going on, and down he went.

Also, he's teething in a major way (not that he has any yet, but his cold/chewy toys are getting workout). Teething in this case equals lots of screaming. My favorite.
Also, Baby Rafe has an extreme reaction to baby Tylenol. He throws up immediately after we give it to him. Any suggestions (besides the obvious, stop trying to give it to him, which we will. I'm just worried this is a sign of something amiss in his stomach)?
Also, while Adam and I were dealing with the throwing up/screaming baby, my toddler drew all over the walls. My other favorite.

I guess I can't complain that I'm not busy.

In other Baby Rafe news, he's 6.5 months old these days (I meant to do a post around his half-birthday and obviously dropped the ball). He's still a jolly easy going guy who thinks his sister is the best thing ever. He has not liked the solid foods we have attempted, which is how Lydia was, so we probably won't push it. He'll eat when he's ready. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth a lot today. Then he'll push up into Downward Dog or lean up on one hand (almost like he's going to sit up). But those hands haven't tried going forward so too much action in the legs just makes him nose-dive. He's pretty cute.


Katie said...

I miss you guys! I want to come snuggle with Baby Rafe, and draw beautiful pictures with Lyds (preferably on paper, not walls)

Denise Dalton said...

Oh, I want to see Rafe sit up!

mom said...

Thanks for the post. I want to see Rafe and Lydia, too. Please post some pictures for the Grandmas who are missing them.