Friday, August 24, 2012

Valley Inn

Back to blogging here.
Valley Inn is a little restaurant in Warsaw, New York (think teeny little town). It's run by a gourmet chef and amazing food is actually pretty affordable's in the middle of nowhere. Adam insisted that we go there and after tasting the food, I understood why.

These soups were part of my meal - we forgot to photograph them until we had eaten them all, but I wanted to remember how ridiculously good they were. There was a summer cabbage soup (purple), a fajita soup (brown), and a chowder (I had a little bread crab on top). So good.

I got this quiche. AMAZING.

Adam got tuna and salmon crabcakes which were also good. I really loved the sweet potato...chips? I don't know what to call them. 

And then for dessert, we got a Wonka Mug (AMAZING) and a Cancun Crunch (also quite good).

It was lots of fun!


mom said...

We all loved it when we ate there. Thanks for the post. We are missing all of you.

Denise Dalton said...