Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our House

Since we're doing all kinds of adult things this year like having a second child and graduating with an advanced degree, we thought we'd add one more bit of fun to the mix. We're buying a little townhouse. This little townhouse. It's the same layout as our current rental, with a few tweaks that make it WAY better.

Dining/Living room without carpet! Yay!

Little kitchen with real tile instead of linoleum! 

Half bath with cupboards! 

Enclosed, carpeted, non-rickety stairs to the basement! 

Nice bathroom in the basement 

Drywall, carpet, windows that open and close, and blinds in the basement!

We lose a little space in the master bedroom, but we think it's worth it for the third bedroom! Both kids get their own room! 

This'll be Rafe's little room. Definitely big enough for a crib, dresser, and recliner. 

This'll be Lyds' room. Nice ledges on the windows for stuff. 

And a slightly bigger porch out back. Our realtor suggested getting a turtle sandbox for the kiddos. I might go for that.

Did you enjoy our little tour? I'm looking forward to the hard floors in the dining area, turning the basement into a den/playroom/guestroom, and the kids having their own rooms.  
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mom said...

Your new home looks great! Thanks for posting the pictures.

brittney said...

holy smokes. you guys are on top of things! congratulations!

Lauran and Dustin said...

I. can't. believe. it. YOU ARE BLOGGING AGAIN! I gave up in March of checking this site - seriously - EVERY DAY waiting for you to post again. IT got discouraging. I come today and lo and behold, there are FIVE new posts! his nuts! Can't wait to start checking daily again. Oh,and happy birthday this week :)

Transplanted Italian said...

I love it! This is going to work out great for you guys in the next few years...until of course you'll turn into us and then you'll outgrow it :)
I love that I made you feel guilty enough to start blogging again (of course, I wasn't the only one, I am sure!).

Bonnie said...

Thanks for the nice comments, everyone. I just realized that these pictures are a game of "Where's the Two-Year-Old?" Cute girl.