Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter eggs

One of my many faults is that I am not a tidy person. The 4 years of our marriage have been an interesting lesson on just how far I need to go in order to be considered a good housekeeper.

As a result, one of my many failings as a mother is that I have a really hard time letting Lydia make a mess. I know I should just breathe and let it go, but sometimes I just know that playdough's going to get ground into the carpet and I can't handle it. So I swoop in and interrupt her play to save me from cleaning.

So you can imagine how "excited" I was to dye eggs with Lydster. Nothing could go wrong here, right? We're just dealing with permanent dye and innumerable surfaces begging to get spilled on. But...we had a lot of fun. I tried not to be that uptight Mom and I think Lyds enjoyed it. Her face in this picture doesn't look very happy, but that's just because we told her to smile and she thinks this is what that means. Crazy kiddo.

She's a little person, so we only boiled 6 eggs for the occasion, and only dyed these three before she picked up the mugs and poured them out on our raggedy towel. It was a fun activity and she really enjoyed coloring on the eggs before we dyed them and putting stickers on them after. And then she dropped two of them.

Clearly a successful attempt at a fun family activity/tradition. Happy Easter!
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Jean said...

I have a hard time letting Will make messes too. We hardly ever do fun sensory projects for that reason.

Linda said...

I'm glad Adam found a use for that BYU Singers polo--pretty sure I've never seen him wear it.

Bonnie said...

@Rachel I see all those sensory boxes on Pinterest and just think "That'll end up all over my house and then I'll have to clean it up." Which would drive me crazy. So we do other fun things. Like leave the house and make messes elsewhere.

@Linda - He had to wear it on tour when they got it and it was such a horrible experience that he hid the shirt away. I was going to toss it until we needed a good coverup for the Lydster. It's perfect! And the color is really much better for her than for Adam.