Sunday, April 15, 2012

Computer Repairs

One thing I love about Adam is his inherent curiousity about life. If he finds something he's interested in, he'll learn everything he can about it. He's also a doer, meaning that if he has an idea, he acts on it, instead of putting it off or making excuses.

For example, for Christmas, he built us two nice computers that we can do whatever we want on. He did all the research on how to build them and what works together, watched for good deals, and ordered everything.

And when one of them starts acting funky, he can figure out what's wrong and fix it. He's so handy.
He would also like me to mention that this computer is the first one he built and the wiring is much neater on the second one.
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mom said...

I love it. And he will get handier with your new home.

Anne Burnett said...

Adam's hair is looking much better here.