Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lydia turned 5!

We're working a little backwards here. 
Clear back in December Lydia had a fun Princess party. She even had a special Royal visitor, Rapunzel! 

She was so fun - she sang a Princess song, talked to each of the girls, and did a fun craft. We ate cake, opened presents, and took pictures. Easiest party ever.

Princess cake made by my Mom!

And the next day she got a new bike!

And another cake!

Happy Birthday, my big Lydia!


Mom Walton said...

I love the pictures of Lydia with the princess and with the cute cake your mom made. Looks like she had a wonderful party.

Rachel said...

Your children are absolutely adorable! Their smiles make me smile!!

Daniel said...

Lydia is so beautiful! I miss you guys. (Giulia signed in as Daniel). I haven't been to Disneland in so long! I remember my girls loved the Sleeping Beauty Castle, the submarine ride, starwars, the matterhorn is a must, says Daniel, space mountain, the Pirates of the Carribean ride. I am sure there are many new rides and there are many I simply cannot remember. I hope this helps! Love you all!

Rachel said...

I love the picture of you and Lydia! That is pretty much perfection.

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