Monday, November 4, 2013

Opera going

When Adam performed in Le Nozze Di Figaro last month, I got to attend with a good friend of mine, Michelle, and her daughter.

Forgive the bad lighting - I think a finger ended up in front of the flash. Lydia was not attending, but obviously needed to dress up.

Adam said I looked like a pirate, with the dangley earrings, headscarf, and all. The effect was particularly pronounced when I put on my blue pea-coat with anchor buttons...  It's so easy to look like you're wearing a costume when you're bald. In other news, that's the first time that blouse has been worn since my older sister's wedding...5+ years ago.

Going to the opera is always a good excuse to dress up, but especially so when it's an IU production. They go all out. If you're interested in seeing a video clip from the opera, featuring Adam, check out his professional website Also, for those who were unable to attend, and missed the live web-stream (or if you just want to see/hear more of that amazing goodness), the recording is now up on IU's website, here. Just click on Marriage of Figaro (the picture should be of Adam) at the bottom.
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brittney perry said...

I totes spent the morning listening to basically everything on his site. awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Anne Burnett said...

Adam is mean. But I'm really glad you were feeling well enough to see the opera.

Kristine said...

You and Michelle look beautiful! This made me remember dressing up to go to a performance at IU. People do go all out. I remember wearing some dressy boots that I didn't think I'd be able to get away with anywhere else. It makes it even more fun. And your girls are dressed up beautifully as well!