Monday, August 5, 2013


All my life, whenever I (or anyone near me) finds a hair in their food, I have been blamed. And I kinda deserved that blame. I'd duck my head and kinda sheepishly say, "yep, prob'ly mine." In fact, my roommates when I was a college freshman called me "Hairy Beast" because the hair - it was just everywhere.

NO MORE! If this isn't an upside to cancer, I don't know what is. I now have the internal satisfaction of knowing that when a mystery hair appears in my food, it is most definitely not mine and I can now begin casting blame. Yay!....right?


ashley mikell said...

Bonnie, I can't even begin to describe how much I enjoy reading your posts while at the same time wish so badly that you could magically not have to deal with any of this. I am so grateful for your ability to laugh and remain positive (even if it's only about some things) You are remarkable. And I've always thought so. Sending lots of prayers your way.

brittney said...

Okay. I might be coming across as a "Me Monster" by responding with my own stories every time you post something - but your post reminded me of a story that always cracks me up (speaking of, I apologize in advance for using the words "butt crack" below):

When my husband was at Stanford, his roommate had alopecia. The stress of law school on this roommate resulted in a flare-up of the alopecia and the dude lost every single hair on his entire body forever. Which, sidenote, would depress me. Anyway, this roommate walks into my husband's room and says, "Perry. I do not have a single hair in my butt crack, and it is awesome."

Bonnie said...

Ashley - I'm glad you enjoy my posts. I've got some more serious stuff floating around in my brain, but it takes longer to post it, and when I sit down for 15 minutes, it usually turns into a nap, so you see my dilemma. Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, and comments. You guys help me remain upbeat!

Britt - Hi-la-ri-ous. Oh my goodness. Men are so weird. I have not yet gotten to the have no hair at all point. Even on my head there is still some gross scruff. I'm wondering if I'm going to be stuck with the scruff forever...ick. People keep saying "hey, you don't have to shave your legs!" but right now...still shaving. Bummer, right?

Jamie said...

I think Ashley said it perfectly and also Brittney's anecdote was so funny. Great post, Bon. It just makes me think of Chopped and how once the judges found a hair on the plate and the cymbals were crashing dramatically. About your comment though, I kind of think the scruff sounds adorable. You're adorable, so it would have to be :)

Carrie said...

The perks of baldness!!

I've always thought that only true, classic beauties can be beautiful even without their hair to make up for the flaws. You are one of those few true beauties!

Ah Bonnie, your grace and whit are astounding.

Our family is praying for you, Bonnie. I hope you can feel it <3!!

Lauran and Dustin said...

Um, as one who suffered from the rampage of the "Hairy Beast"...jk. Bummer about the legs. You'd think the meds would figure out a way to loses hair from the ground up!!!
Thanks for the email. And the fb message. I feel loved--can't believe you have time to send out love with everything you've got going on. Seriously you are incredible.